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Consuming WCF Web APIs in Windows Phone

UPDATE 1/8/2013: Code now on github:

At MIX, Microsoft released Preview 4 of the WCF Web APIs.  They also provided an updated Async CTP that brings async Task support to Windows Phone.  So, as a follow up to my “Consuming WCF Web APIs in Silverlight” I have updated the existing Silverlight sample to Preview 4 (with the help of Dustin Metzgar), and added a Windows Phone sample.  The sample was built using the Mango Tools (get the tools).

The sample code is in a Mercurial repository and is a fork of the WCF Web API Contrib project.  You can use a client such as Tortoise Hg to get the source. You’ll also need to have the Async CTP installed.  After you compile the contrib project (using build.bat from the VS2010 command line), place the async libraries in the bin/debug folder that is created in the root of the solution folder.

Get the sample source.


WCF WEB API Windows Phone Sample

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