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"Visual" MEFX

I spent a couple hours putting together this WPF/Silverlight application using the mefx/Diagnostics libraries available in the MEF Preview 8 samples.  The mefx console application is only for Desktop applications and I wanted to be able to analyze Silverlight applications as well.  I’ve dubbed what I’ve done so far “Visual MEFX”, however it doesn’t offer too much over the command line mefx yet.  If this interests you, let me know about what features you’d like to see in the application.

Download: visualmefx

Visual MEFX - WPF

The diagnostics library was built against .NET 4 Beta 2 / Silverlight 4 Beta 2.  Once there is a drop of Silverlight 4 for VS2010 RC I’ll upgrade the project to the RC.

To get the diagnostics to compile in Silverlight there was one small code change that needed to happen.  In the CompositionContractInfo.cs file, I needed to change HashSet<T> to List<T> like so:

public CompositionContractInfo(ContractInfo contract)
    Contract = contract;
    Importers = new List<PartDefinitionInfo>();
    Exporters = new List<PartDefinitionInfo>();


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  2. Cool stuff Joe!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s possible in terms of visualisation – MEFX would benefit greatly from some eye candy ;)


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